WEEK IN REVIEW: 07.10.16 - 07.16.16

 PLANNERSVan der Spek (Standard size),  MAMBI Happy Planner
INSERTS: (Personal Sized) Sewmuchcrafting W04P Vertical
STICKERS: Mostly from CreatingandCo, some of my own, and from MAMBI
PEN: Papermate Flair in Lime Green
Awhile ago, when I first got into planners, I used colored pens. Then, for the past few years I've been using black. I thought I would start using colored pens again. Something that would go with the sticker kits ;P

 Not going to lie, There wasn't much for me to do. The number of subscriptions I have went down dramatically, so I don't have much to do any more and... it's quite boring. Which is why I've been (don't judge) using a billion planners all at once. Yes, re-writing things and etc. So what I used for this week are: my LV PM (not shown), Van der Spek, Mambi Happy Planner, Filofax Clipbook in neon pink (not shown), and my Filofax Compact Patent Lavender (Okay, I don't know what this is actually called <--not shown too).

I'm also using all these planners because, I want to see which planning inserts I like the best. I've been using the SewMuchCrafting ones for awhile and sometimes I like to change things around. The Filofax Clipbook holds some STICKEBEANS Etsy Seller Inserts. (Though I don't have an Etsy store, I can still use it for my store) and the Filofax Compact, also holds some STICKEBEANS inserts. I'm using these at them moment. All the inserts I'm using are all different. The Etsy Seller ones, I'm only filling out TO DO's for my store. There are also things you can track which I think is awesome. And the print quality, I absolutely LOVE! The paper is a little thinner than SewMuchCrafting's. But that's okay :) It's only by a small bit. I use a Pilot G2 (in black medium point) and it does create shadowing. I don't decorate those pages at all. 

Yep, so that's what I've been doing with my free time. >_>;;;

Sunday was my day off. Woohoo! I cut my hair on an impulse. I usually have short hair but I let it grow and have been putting it in a ponytail. Lately, it's been over 100 degrees here and it's just gotten so hot! I think I regret cutting my hair LOL. I think it's hotter now XD Plus you can't do much. I might have gotten used to the longer hair. 

The funny thing is, apparently, the same day that I cut my hair; my Dad and brother decided to cut their hair too <-- I didn't know until they told me :P I amuse easily, don't mind me :P

My laptop has been quite slow lately. So I decided to de-frag and do a disk cleanup which I haven't done in awhile. I know, I know. I should do it more often. I used to do it once a month. Speaking of...I need to clean my printer heads >_> I'll put that in my planner. I just remembered right now. LOL.

Usually, when I post sneak peeks of my subscription colors, I only take photos of the color that was chosen as a sneak peek. But, lately, because of my schedule (?) I hadn't been able to post the subscription photos (after the subscription has ended) on time. So, I decided to take photos of ALL of them. So when the time comes, I can just post them :) 

It looks like I did a lot this day but, it ended up not really being a lot. I just ended up watching Netflix. Awhile ago, when Orange is the New Black first popped up on Netflix (when only the first season was there); I watched most of season 1. I don't know why I stopped. It's been a few years and now there are many seasons :O and I just finished re-watching for the billionth time, FRIENDS ...and needed something to watch. I wasn't in the mood to watch American Horror Story....so I decided to try and watch Orange is the New Black again (all over). I haven't really binge watched. Maybe 2 episodes every now and then. If you have any show recommendations... Let me know ;) I'm stupidly picky when it comes to shows...

 Monday - Work day. It was surprisingly busy this day. Actually, it's been surprisingly busy since last week. Not really sure why. Anyway, not going to lie; I don't remember it ;D

Tuesday - Day off. Quite a lazy day. I organized my room a bit (didn't write it down :P), organized my stickers, cleaned up some things. Watched Youtube, MISERY on Amazon Video, and planned for Wednesday. Wednesday was my Paid Time Off. Woohoo. 
STICKERS: Mostly from CreatingandCo, my own, and MAMBI

 Wednesday - My Paid Time Off. When we've worked at my job for a certain amount of time, you get certain amount of paid days off and paid vacations. They don't roll over, unfortunately. So when your anniversary date (from when you were hired/became full-time) comes around; it starts up again and you'll lose your days. So, my day is coming up (early September) which is why you've been seeing a lot of Paid Days off lately. This is actually my last Paid Personal Day. The last thing I have is a Paid Vacation (5 days) which will be in 10 days. I try to spread them out to at least have 1 day off a month. I have a LOT of days (altogether)

Anyway! So I made plans to meet with my friend, Bex, again. We met up last time too. We went to that new dim sum place by my house. We had to figure out what to do for the next few hours as she couldn't stay passed 2pm, We met up at 1030am.  We went through a car wash (:P my car was SO dirty!), went to dim sum and tried to take our time. But we went right when they opened so there wasn't really anyone else there. And she was super hungry and she kept wolfing everything down. X__x; We decided to get Boba Tea, even though we were so stuffed we could barely move. It was a bad idea LOL but yummy ;P While we waited for it, we were deciding on what to do.

I had gotten her into planners recently (mwahhahahah!) and had given her a Happy Planner and some stickers I had. She said that she wanted to get some washi and maybe some stickers. So we went to Michaels which was across the street. She bought a ton and I gave her my coupons to use ;P so she could save 50% off. I think we were there for awhile because afterwards, we had to separate. She had to go back to Lodi, to teach Aikido.

So the rest of the day, I went and watched movies. I watched: Finding Dory (SOOO CUTE!) and The Secret Life of Pets (it was okay; I liked Dory better). 

Thursday - it was STUPIDLY busy at work. All the duties that I normally do could NOT be done. There were non-stop in store pickups. I had to keep the backup cashiers in my department for most of the day; all the supervisors were ringing up. I felt like a cashier again. It was just so hectic! Ahhh!

Friday - I work in Audit on Fridays and Saturdays. I'm usually alone, unless they're training someone but they didn't need to because they have their 2 1/2 backups already. But one of the backup cashiers/merchandisers had hurt herself (her back) so she has to work sitting down. Last week, it threw me off that she was there. And the same thing this week. When she went on lunch, I ended up finishing all the stuff that needed to be done. If I didn't know if they were done; it would drive me crazy. Better to do it myself...and she was still confused about all the audit things. 

Also, that day my bf was taking his exam at the DMV for his commercial driving license. And he passed! He already was planning a get together that day so after work, I went to his place and met his co-workers and his friends while they got drunk. I don't drink and I'm not very loud :P or outgoing, I'm very shy. I did have to leave early because of my early shift...

Saturday - Woohoo! By myself in Audit. I was trying to do write ups for tardies and absences once my duties for Audit were done but I forgot that I worked earlier, so I would leave earlier. Unfortunately that didn't get done. Ugh. 

Yep, that was my very FUN week. >___>;;;; 
STICKERS: Mostly from WhimsicalPlans I LOVE this kit! It looks so pretty :D I bought this when I went to the Sacramento Planner Lovers Retreat. I've already purchased from WhimsicalPlans before and I knew she was local-ish so <--sorry that was random.  

Lol, I didn't finish filling out Sunday. But that's okay. ^_^; Maybe I'll post ALL of my planner pages next week. I'm not using the LV PM one this (current) week. My poor ECLP Hourly is being neglected too. 


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